Lightweight CSS3 loaders spinners for adding nice loading animation to your web page.

CSS3 has not only revamped the traditional CSS but it has also offered effective alternatives to JavaScript, Flash and After Effects. Creating animations using traditional technologies has been cumbersome to say the least. CSS3 animation is easy to implement and is extremely lightweight.

In the past, implementing a page load effect was a tedious task. You had to write complex code just to achieve a basic loading effect. All that is eliminated by CSS3. Now you can create stunning CSS3 loading effect with a few lines of code.

Here we have covered some of the best CSS3 loaders & Preloaders from around the web. Make your web page sizzle with these cool loading effects. Enjoy!

CSS3 Dot Loader

Forget about the boring progress bars, this dot loader makes your page loading look more interesting.



Loader Using CSS3

This is a set of 25+ preloaders covering variety of loading effects.



CSS3 Spinner Animation

Nice spinner created using pure CSS code.



CSS3 Loader Circle



CSS3 Spinner Circle

Cool animation showing concentric circles with loading progress.



CSS3 Loading Bar Animation

Simple animated progress bar based on CSS.