WooCommerce Product Add-ons

Download these popular WooCommerce product add-ons to enhance your online store. The list includes a hand-picked selection of free & premium WooCommerce extensions.

WooCommerce, as you might be aware is a very popular ecommerce platform. It’s free and comes in a plugin format which makes it easy to install. Even a novice user can setup his/her first ecommerce store in matter of few minutes. The best thing about WooCommerce is simplicity. There are bigger players out there like Shopify or Magento but in order to set them up correctly, one needs to have some technical expertise.

WooCommerce by WooThemes.com, has all the basic settings one might need while setting up an online store. It has features for setting up products, shipping details, managing the orders and generating sales reports. But, there are additional key features one might need in an online store. For instance, a payment gateway integrated with your favourite payment processor. WooCommerce offers free integration only with some payment gateways like Braintree & Stripe. If you need to integrate with other more commonly used gateways like Paypal Express or Authorize.net then they are available as premium add-ons or extensions.

Product add-ons are simply modules which can be installed on top of the WooCommerce plugin. If you are tech savvy then you can even develop the modules yourself. WooCommerce is an open source platform which means anyone with good programming knowledge can extend the standard plugin and implement modules on top of it. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time & resources to implement the modules themselves. Taking this into account, we have gathered a list of best WooCommerce product add-ons which are ready to use. Some of these are free and can be downloaded from WordPress plugins directory. Premium add-ons offer more specialized features.

Free WooCommerce Product Add-ons

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WooCommerce with WPML – Multilanguage Plugin Download
WPML plugin

WPML is widely used for adding Multilanguage support to a WordPress site. WooCommerce with WPML helps in setting up a multilingual ecommerce store.


WooCommerce Ajax Search Plugin


This plugin by YiThemes, is designed to add smart search capability to your online store. It’s similar to Google Suggest where you start typing the words and instant suggestions crop up based on your words entered.



YITH Catalogue Mode Plugin


Another useful plugin by YiThemes, it helps turn your online store to an online catalogue in an instant.


Stripe Gateway for WooCommerce


Accept credit card payments with your stripe account by using this plugin. A valid SSL certificate is needed before using this plugin.


WooCommerce Product Slider Free Download


Boost your conversion rate with this product slider. It’s flat & responsive and offers animation on mouse hover.


Points & Rewards WooCommerce Add-on


Let’s you add a reward program to your store making it more appealing to visitors.


WooCommerce Products Filter Plugin Free Download


A must have plugin to filter products based on categories, attributes & tags.


Premium WooCommerce Product Add-ons

WooCommerce POS Add-on


A powerful Point of Sale plugin to give your visitors a seamless buying experience. It is touch screen friendly, allowing you to tap into smart phone & tablet user base.


Custom Product Designer Plugin for WooCommerce


Perfectly suited for a custom print shop. Enables the visitors to customize their product be it a t-shirt or a mug by adding their own custom designs before printing.


Multi Currency Add-on for WooCommerce


This is an advanced plugin that automatically sets the currency for your store based on geolocation.


Social Commerce Plugin


Leverage the power of social media using this plugin. It connects & converts your WooCommerce store to facebook store with simple plug n play installation.


Advanced reporting extension


Provides detailed reports consisting of projected vs actual sales, stock list, refund details, category report, top performing products and so on.


Woozone Amazon Affiliates Plugin for WooCommerce

Amazon Affiliate

Enables fast import of amazon products by category/sub-category into your store in few minutes. If you are looking to make extra income from Amazon on top of your own products then this plugin will surely be the right choice.


WooCommerce Subscription Product Extension


Set up subscription payments/recurring billing with this powerful extension.


Social Login Plugin WooCommerce


Another must have plugin to enable customers to checkout using their social profiles.


Rapid Stock Manager


Offers fast way to update product & product variants without reloading the page. Indicates when the stock is low.


WooCommerce CRM Plugin


A complete CRM solution for your WooCommerce store.