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Using movements and motion as a medium to attract the interest and attention of people has become a common technique in marketing. A lot of graphic designers are utilizing this kind of approach in order to create unique and efficient video designs that can accommodate their client’s specification and requirements.

The rise in popularity of using motion graphics after effectsin advertisements, shows and other marketing media has raised the level of graphic design into new depths. Designers are compelled to create new innovative designs, in order to stay competitive in the market. Because of this, they are forced to look for outstanding motion graphics inspirations that they can use to stay ahead of the game.

However, due to the numerous graphics theme available online, it has become a difficult task for designers to choose a motion graphics inspiration that can effectively fulfill the requirements of their project.

In line of this, we decided to feature some of the most outstanding motion graphics after effects on the market, to aid designers in their task of completing their tasks.

Motion Graphics Inspiration

Bokeh and Flare Overlay


This motion graphics after effects package includes 12 different overlay effects that were filmed using a 4K digital camera (RED). The Bokeh and Flare Overlay motion graphics inspiration is highly adaptable and can easily be used to rotate, crop and move over your images and videos, without affecting its quality. It is a great video editor’s tool for adding visual effects and animating videos.
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Muzzle Flash

motion graphics after effects

Muzzle Flash is a motion graphics after effects tool created with 4K HD resolution (4096×2304). This motion graphics inspiration has 102 lifelike bullet hits and muzzle flashes that capture the essence of real genuine gun shots. It has 6 categories to choose from: small guns, riffle shotguns, big guns, suppressed guns, bullet hits and front gun shots. It works flawlessly on action films and any other projects that require gunshot effects.
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Plexus in Dark


Plexus in Dark uses 3840×2160 Ultra HD resolution to generate futuristic motion graphics after effect plexus abstraction in the dark space setting. This motion graphics inspiration is ideal for high tech projects that require a touch of space enigma and science fiction. It makes use of oscillating polygons to generate the effects. This theme is easy to crop, scale and transform.
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Realistic White Confetti 2

 motion graphics inspiration

One of the most widely used motion graphics after effects theme for events, such as birthdays, weddings, office parties, celebrations, carnivals and holidays. The Realistic White Confetti 2 motion graphics inspiration is an excellent theme to use when you want to highlight a happy moment on your favorite videos and images. This motion effect was created using a 4K digital camera (RED 152fps).
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Earth As Seen Through Window International Space

motion graphics inspiration

This motion graphics after effects known as “Earth As Seen Through Window International Space” is commonly used in presenting images and videos in a linear sequence. This motion graphics inspiration highlights the space experience (international space station, astronauts, space and Earth’s orbit). The motion effects last for 16 seconds and operate at a 4096×2160 resolution at 24 fps.
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Endless Tunnel 04

motion graphics inspiration

Endless Tunnel 04 is a popular motion graphic after effects backdraft that is highly recommended for video introductions, logo animation, advertisements, promotions and shows. It is a motion graphics inspiration with a captivating background running on Ultra HD resolution (4K) at a frame rate of 29.97 fps. The duration of this motion effects theme is 20 seconds.
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101 Animated 3D Icons


The 101 Animated 3D Icons is a motion graphics after effects theme widely used by business websites to animate their company logos and images. This animated motion graphics inspiration gives life to static icons, and images, enhancing its impact to viewers and stimulating their interest on the website. This theme runs on 1920×1080 HD resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps.
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Animated Brushed Metal Surface


This creative motion graphics after effects animation portrays a circular motion of shiny metallic surfaces, spinning around continuously, producing a mesmerizing effect to viewers, intensifying their interest on the video. The Animated Brushed Metal Surface motion graphics inspiration runs on two kinds of resolution: ULTRA HD and Full HD. It has a frame rate of 25fps and this motion effects lasts for 20 seconds.
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Waving US Flag


The Waving US Flag motion graphics after effects theme is a patriotic design, aimed to promote nationalism and loyalty. This motion graphics inspiration functions on 4K ULTRA HD resolution at 30 FPS. This theme last for 20 seconds.
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Spinning Earth Globe – BLACK


A clean and simple motion graphics after effects that’s uses a spinning 3D globe as the main background of the theme. The Spinning Earth Globe – BLACK motion graphics inspiration operates on 4K ULTRA HD (3840×2160) resolution with a frame rate of 30 fps and a duration of 30 seconds.
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