Creative Christmas Ideas

With holiday season just round the corner, we look for ways to make our audience & clients feel special. In this post, we bring to you some of the best creative Christmas card ideas that you can use to amaze your site audience, clients or friends.

These Christmas card ideas may be used as is or you can use them as inspiration to create your own card designs. Holiday cards are the perfect way to say thanks and turn on the festive mood. Designers at Codepen have cleverly crafted these Christmas card designs to capture the essence of this festive season. These designs can be used on your own site or you may send it out as a holiday newsletter with customized content based on your preference.

The design projects below are based on HTML, CSS & JS. Some are purely CSS based while others use Haml and CoffeScript. Nevertheless, all of them are spectacular and will surely inspire you. All these projects can be saved as GitHub gist too.

Creative Christmas Card Ideas

Christmas Countdown

Can’t think of a better way to welcome X’mas than this Christmas countdown. It instantly sets the mood for the festive season. The countdown has a minimalist design but conveys the message perfectly. As a special effect, the direction of wind changes with mouse movement.
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Digital Xmas Tree

This Xmas tree has a gradual build up effect which is amazing. It has a sleek design and uses CoffeeScript. It also has a Glittering effect to dazzle your audience. The dark background blends perfectly with the luminous tree in the foreground.
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Xmas Snowflakes

What makes this design special is the dispersion effect. When you move your mouse pointer, the snowflakes disperse around the mouse pointer. The snow flakes are designed using CSS3. The creator has cleverly used JavaScript to vary the speed & opacity of snowflakes.
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Sleek Christmas Cracker

Yet another cracker of a design! This Christmas cracker has been designed using Haml and SCSS. When you hover over the cracker, it cracks open to reveal the greeting message. A very creative way to wish Merry Xmas indeed!
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Waving Santa

Any Xmas collection would be incomplete without our beloved Santa. Waving Santa is a light-weight design created using only CSS.
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Xmas Lights

Xmas lights portray blurred lights in the background with greeting message in the foreground to create the perfect nostalgic effect for the festive season.
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Secret Santa

Picking names out of hat is a long tradition of Xmas. It’s a digital version of office secret Santa. All you have to do is change the give variable with new name. Revel in the joy of Xmas with this amazing project designed for fun. Secret Santa project is designed using Pure JavaScript, so it’s very easy to embed anywhere.

Christmas Presents Box

The most exciting part of Xmas are the ‘Presents’. The project has been designed to give the ability to unwrap the Present with mouse action.

Colorful Christmas Ornaments

These colorful Xmas ornaments are written using pure CSS, no JavaScript involved here. It has a relative layout, so no matter where you place them on a web page, the ornaments will fit according to the overall design of the page. Download

Santa On The Run Game

A fun game for Xmas written plainly in JS. The rules are simple, just make the Santa run as long as you can. Good design created using phaser.js. If you are a novice JavaScript programmer, then this game is a good start for you to learn making games in JS. This game is best suited for smartphones.

Xmas Gift Card UI

Designed using SCSS, this gift card is suitable for all occasions besides Xmas. It’s easy to change the card cover in CSS to suit your need. Also, you may change the text on gift card to whatever you like.