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Cinemagraphs are probably the latest addition to the world of animations. In essence, a cinemagraph consists of a static image with partial animation.

Since their introduction in early 2011 by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg, cinemagraphs have taken the design world by storm.

What is cinemagraph & how is it different from pure GIF?

GIF as you know, is a fully animated image whereas cinemagraph is partially animated with rest of the image being static. You can think of them as looped GIF or looped videos. The end result is a spectacular show of still moving pictures. Within a short span of time, they have gained tremendous fan following on social media with fan pages dedicated for beautiful cinemagraphs.

How to use cinemagraph?

Now creating a cinemagraph is an art and you can do it either using After Effects, Photoshop or iOS apps.

After Effects Method:

If you are expert with video editing, then this approach may be used.

  1. Edit a section of the video to stabilize the background.
  2. Import the video into Photoshop for editing the layers.
  3. Export as GIF.

Just follow the detailed steps mentioned here.

Photoshop Method:

This method also involves editing the video but is much easier to follow and is recommended for beginners.

  1. Capture the video footage you want to be converted. You may use free videos from online libraries but capturing your own video footage is highly recommended to make it unique.
  2. Import it into Photoshop, it will be visible in Video timeline.
  3. In order to convert the footage into a cinemagraph, all you have to do is make the start & end frame as one. The video tutorial below walks through the exact steps:
  4. Export the GIF by clicking “Save for Web”.

Using cinemagraph iOS apps:

This is an alternative for those who don’t want to get involved with expensive Adobe software. There are a number of apps available on iTunes for this purpose. I have jotted couple of them here:




Some Beautiful Cinemagraphs

Nature cinemagraph

Nature cinemagraph

Fashion cinemagraph

cinemagraph fashion

Cinematic GIF

cinematic gif

Photo animated GIF

Photo animated gif