worst fonts

This article talks about some of the worst fonts that you should never use as part of your design.

You may find numerous lists of good fonts showcased on many design magazines. Fonts form an integral part of your overall design, so naturally the process of selecting the right font is of paramount importance. Good typefaces will have a positive effect while a bad one will negate the user experience.

There are some fonts which have been particularly unpopular among the designers and are considered as bad typography examples.

Comic Sans


Now you may ask why do people hate comic sans serif? Well, comic sans was designed in early 90’s and was inspired by comic books. It was intended for use in comic books or greeting cards at that time. In the initial years, the font gained popularity and was the most used font. However, Comic sans is not the kind of font you may want to use in your resumes or formal proposals for that matter. Comic sans has a certain comic character attached to it and can ridicule the seriousness of formal projects as can be seen in above image.




Papyrus is a classic example of a bad font due to over exposure. It was designed in early 80’s with an antique look. As it was a hand drawn font, people were fascinated by the unique look. The font was used virtually everywhere from flyers, shop front to pizza boxes. As a result of this, the uniqueness of the font disappeared over the years. Now, it’s the most recognizable font among others like Comic Sans & Times New Roman.


Times New Roman

ugly font

Who can forget this legendary font? The reason to avoid this font is simply because it’s boring. It was designed way back in in the 30’s by British press and has since been used in various publications. In today’s world of modern typography, Times New Roman just doesn’t have an aesthetic appeal anymore.



Overused fonts

Yet another example of overused font. Helvetica saw huge popularity in early days due to its versatility & strong visual appeal. It was used by leading brands like BMW & Apple at the time but since then it has been heavily used everywhere. You shouldn’t use it as a display font anymore, it can still be used as a body font.



worst fonts

A dull font for amateur designers. Any good font has a certain character associated with it and Arial doesn’t have any. It’s a pure vanilla font with no identity. Even, Microsoft lost interest in this font when they replaced it with Calibri as the default font for Word.



fonts not to use

Trajan may not exactly be classified as a bad font. It was one of the free fonts available with Adobe Creative Suite and was designed to be used specifically as display font for titles in art work. On the contrary, Trajan got used in posters, flyers & brochures. Today, it’s just another commonplace font.