good serif fonts

It’s an established fact that majority of information present on web and mobile is Text. So it goes without saying that how you present the Text carries lot of importance. Poorly formatted text can lead to loss of vital information. Whereas nicely formatted text can increase the information reach as well as engage the audience.

Undoubtedly, Fonts play a crucial role in formatting of text. And amongst popular font families, Serif is one of the oldest. Serif font has a Latin origin and is primarily used as body text. To put in simple words, Serif is a small dash or line at the end of alphabets. Sans Serif is Typeface without serifs. The choice between Serif & Sans Serif Typeface is entirely up to the writer. Some people prefer Sans Serif as it presents the information in a subtle way. While others prefer Serif to add more visual impact to the text. Best examples where Serif fonts are widely used are novels, magazines, posters, glamour sites, niche blogs to name a few.

One major plus point of Serif font is that it increases readability. Serif fonts vary in style and are available as both thin & thick fonts. We have showcased some good Serif fonts below which are designed by pros and are free to use. These serif fonts are modern & are created to capture the reader’s attention.

Best Serif Fonts – Free Download

Cabaret Transitional Serif Font

cabaret font free download

Cabaret is a transitional serif font. The letterforms are elegantly designed with very light strokes at the end of letters. Best suited for use in brochures & flyers.

Happy Phantom Slab Serif Font

best serif font download

Happy Phantom is a TrueType Serif font. It’s free for personal use and is available as a font family that includes Normal, Italic, Bold & Bold Italic.

Cupid De Locke TrueType Serif Font

good serif font download

Another TrueType Serif font which is designed for fun occasions. This font is best suited for dating sites & blogs. Can also be used on ecommerce sites selling gift items, although you need to buy commercial licence.

Dark Moon Serif Font

dark moon serif font

Dark Moon is a strong TypeFace with a high visual appeal. It’s available as a font family which includes Light, Book, Bold & Black formats. Dark Moon will perfectly go well on a magazine cover or party flyer.

Torchwood Serif Font

torchwood serif font free

Inspired by the popular sci-fi program, Torchwood has a captivating design. Strokes of thin red lines against black background give this font a unique appearance.

Sucker Punch Font

sucker serif font

Another font inspired by the movie – Sucker Punch. Perfectly suited for creating logo design.

Neuton Serif Font Family


This font family is free for both personal & commercial use. It includes 7 Serif fonts ranging from Regular, Bold, Extrabold, Light, Extralight, Italic & Cursive. Neuton has a compact design to help utilize more space.

Abraham Lincoln Serif Font

Abraham serif font download

As the name suggests, this font is inspired by 19th century graphics. It’s a condensed typeface designed to fit more text in limited space.

Cappuccino Serif Font


This is an OpenType font and can be used on both PC & Mac. It’s a perfect amalgamation of old & modern style with basic accents.

Romance Fatal Transitional font

romance fatal serif font

Yet another high impact font. The letterforms have a stylish ligature which give them an elegant look n feel.

Aldor’ath Font

best serif fonts

This font has a Hand-written look to it. Double lines in the letters & symbols make a different kind of impression.

Rx Modern Serif Font


It’s a modern Serif typeface suitable for page titles & headings.

Fragile Serif TypeFace


Fragile is a thin font with wide layout.

Corpus Font Free Download

corpus serif

If you have played the game Warframe then you will recognize this font. It’s based on Corpus glyphs. Corpus glyph is slightly different from English.

Prociono Serif Font Free Download

prociono serif font

Prciono is an OpenType Serif with ligatures. Can be used for both Personal & Commercial purposes.

Angelic War Font

good serif fonts

This one has a majestic feel to it. Perfect for book or magazine cover.

Glamor Font Family

good serif fonts free download

Glamor is a free typeface font family. The ball terminals on some letters are awesome. Truly a glamorous font.

Day of the Dead Font

serif font download

This one’s a pretty nifty font. The decoration & ligatures are phenomenal.

Klinic Slab Font Download

best serif font download

Klinic Slab is a Lost Type font that is simple & elegant in design.

Family is Forever Serif Font Download

good serif fonts

The curvature on letters is excellent in this font. Great font to use for special occasions.