Blur blog template
Blog Templates make setting up a blog site easier for the blogger who is just interested in inputting content and not so much in designing a website. This is basically a user-friendly platform that allows bloggers to manipulate the physical layout of the site applying the changes to all the pages so that there is uniformity and cohesiveness throughout.

Blog templates come genre specific areas so that the user can simply input content based on the template genre they are interested in using. Blog templates are also what is referred to as blog themes. It is simply created to assist bloggers with a prepared design infrastructure suited to the area in which they want to blog.

Blog templates are designed in a way that it is very easy for the blogger to customize to suit their specific preferences and needs. The content is not affected by the template as it is a separate aspect that is not compromised by the editing of the template. Changes to the template may alter the way the content is displayed on the site, the font, the color or the layout but it does not in any way change the content itself. Here are a few incredible blog templates that are easy to upload and use.

Blog Templates


House blog template

This Personal blog template is geared at the creative user who wants to express their artistic side through their blogs. It has easy to understand coding that can be customized by the user as well as it can be used across all digital devices.


Cooking blog template

If you are a food lover then this is the blog template for you. This Blog template provides all you need to blog about cooking the food you love so much with features that gives your presentations the wow factor. With built in images and a sophisticated contemporary design this blog template will make your creations that much more attractive to your audience.

Idea Business Shop

Idea Business

This business shop blog template will give your online business the presence it needs. It presents a very creative way to present your services to your users and to also attract more business.


Blur blog template

A modern portfolio blog template that is designed to attract views to information about you or your business is what is offered with Blur. Users can look forward to a customizable product with creative aspects that will impress your users.


Travelogue blog template

Inspire your creativity and then blog about it with this travel blog template. With exquisite features and dynamically unique transitioning components this blog template will engage both visitors and users. This is a fully responsive blog template, compatible with all device types.


Readable blog template

State of the art features are what makes this blog template achieve its goal of ultimate readability. It is flexible and can be used by several types of bloggers giving those clean visuals and quick responsiveness. Its compatibility with all digital devices makes it that much more attractive to the blogger that is enticed by precision.


Fast blog template

If you require social type interactivity from your website blog then this is the blog template that brings that type of connection to your visitors. With features similar to Tumblr the Fast blog website template provides the user the opportunity to share, update and customize on a simple to user platform and create opportunities for multimedia interaction with website users.


TuneUp blog template

The clean, responsive blog template that operates on all frame works and devices provides a good resource for those who are literarily inclined. Writers and publishers will enjoy the presentation of their work on this blog template as well as it would be more appealing to readers who would appreciate the sophistication of the site.