Stunning Flat UI Design Themes for Your Website

Flat UI Design

One of the major trends in web designing in the past was the designs that had heavy elements like flashy animations and illustrations, developed to woo visitors. Post this era, emerged a phase that was popular for skeuomorphic web designs that made attempts to recreate real world items with drop shadows and textures that were faux-realistic. However, things are changing fast and we are now witnessing a trend that boasts of a web design trend known as Flat UI design. (more…)

Video Backgrounds & After Effects Templates – The ‘In Thing’ in Web Design

after effects templates

The advent of HTML5 opened up new frontiers in web designing. The dynamic features of HTML5 now allows web designers to make use of their creativity to the fullest, and helps them come up with designs that convey more about what the website is all about. After effects templates & Video backgrounds have further taken this creativity to a whole new level. (more…)

20 Best WordPress Business Themes

wordpress business themes

One of the biggest revolutions in the Information Technology realm was the arrival of Ecommerce. Thanks to it, we now enjoy the luxury of shopping, purchasing and indulging in any transaction related to finance, goods and services seamlessly from the comfort of our home. (more…)

Pros & Cons of Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics

The development journey for Scalable vector graphics began in 1999. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is the brainchild of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) SVG Working Group. Over the years, Scalable vector graphics has gallantly stood the test of time and remained a heavyweight in text-based graphics language.