20 Best WordPress Business Themes

wordpress business themes

One of the biggest revolutions in the Information Technology realm was the arrival of Ecommerce. Thanks to it, we now enjoy the luxury of shopping, purchasing and indulging in any transaction related to finance, goods and services seamlessly from the comfort of our home. (more…)

Pros & Cons of Scalable Vector Graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics

The development journey for Scalable vector graphics began in 1999. Scalable vector graphics (SVG) is the brainchild of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) SVG Working Group. Over the years, Scalable vector graphics has gallantly stood the test of time and remained a heavyweight in text-based graphics language.


CSS3 Animations Overshadow JQuery

CSS3 animations overshadow JQuery

It is said that the front line is always a shifting line. This is conspicuously true even when it comes to animations. Not long ago, developers employed jQuery to animate nearly everything in the browsers. However, as the transformative fingers of technology touched the animation arena, there was a need for animation tools that offered high-quality performance and multifarious sequencing. One of the animation tools that offered the much-needed breakthrough, quantum leap was CSS3 Animations. Consequently, CSS3 Animations continue to soar in a tide of popularity among developers. It has become a darling of many in the animation sphere. (more…)

Advantages of Parallax Web Design

Advantages of Parallax Web Design

Parallax web design popularity is rising quickly; nearly to flood the internet stage. The ability to make sites more appealing and engaging via functionality and visuals has seen the parallax design phenomenon enjoy head turning popularity. (more…)