Responsive Web Design considering Common Mobile Behaviors

responsive web design

A decade back, nobody ever knew that in the next few years, radical technological developments and scientific progresses would occur. Nobody, not even tech experts and ace tech scientists, expected technology to develop so swiftly and significantly. From the days our monitors rested on those central processing units to this day where desktops that are being dominated by laptops, and laptops further dominated by smartphones and tablets, we have advanced immensely. (more…)

Best Minimalist WordPress Themes Compiled

Minimalist WordPress Themes

With CMSs such as WordPress, people do not need to possess technical skills and have prior experience in running and maintaining websites or blogs. Thanks to the easy-to-use environment they offer, a layman can create a blog or website online, and publish it in minutes. However, for the website or blog attract visitors, generate steady traffic, get recognition, a lot of effort goes in, and several factors have to be taken into serious consideration. One such factor is the theme that is used for the website. (more…)

Must-Know Tips to Design the Best Landing Page

landing page design

The entry of social media has opened up new frontiers for people across the world. Be it communicating with family and friends, sharing or voicing opinions online, or selling and promoting products, social media is an affordable and effective mean for all purposes. But what is it that makes this whole process, starting from attracting visitors to a website or campaign to converting them to leads, successful? What is that ‘one’ thing that has an influential role to play in the success and failure of an online marketing campaign? Well, read on to learn more. (more…)

10 Best Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Powerpoint presentation templates

Being skillful is not enough these days. As companies and organizations get bigger and better, they expect their employees to possess additional skills. One of the main skill set they look forward to in an employee is his or her ability to transfer knowledge to subordinates. Nowadays, an employee needs to possess good presentation skills to grow in an organization, and stand out from his peers. By making a good Powerpoint presentation, one can not only ensure knowledge is transferred to peers and subordinates but communicate effectively with the team, business partners, staff, and customers as well. (more…)